Telephone Support
Customer Support Service will work with you to develop a customized and winning telephone support team. When you begin to work with Customer Support Service, we will sit down with you and examine your support needs. We will then work with you to quickly assemble a customized team of support professionals with the phone support experience to best meet the unique needs of your products. Many of the support professionals we have employed in the past have years of extensive phone support experience with a wide array of desktop software, hardware, Internet applications, IT, and many other products.

E-mail Support

Customer Support Service will examine your current and projected e-mail support traffic in order to make sure every valuable customer correspondence is handled quickly, efficiently, and in a courteous manner. Before your product or marketing campaign launches, Customer Support Service can work with you to forecast your support needs. We can set up teams to meet the varying levels of mails your products may receive.

Online Support

Customer Support Service can provide support professionals to communicate with your web site visitors through chat based support products. Customer Support Service understands the intricate communication skills necessary to communicate with users in an online chat environment. Our support professionals are experts at communicating technical knowledge at a level appropriate to that particular customer.